Mutations cannot produce mutation repair systems

7 conclusions from the discussion of the question “Can mutations produce mutation repair systems?”, at the forum ‘Scientific Evidence’ of Biologos,

May 2018

Naturalists believe that mutations can do anything, including the production of mutation repair systems in every cell, for the discovery of which the Nobel Prize Chemistry 2015 was awarded. They value their precious and unshakable faith in de doctrines of Naturalism and Darwinism higher than the laws of logic and chemistry. This attitude makes them an enemy of empirical science and revives the Dark Ages.


Alchemist faith

The pre-Victorian alchemist faith of naturalists

12 Conclusions from the discussion on the website Geloof & Wetenschap of the opinion article ‘het feilloze verstand van naturalisten’ (the faultless intelligence of naturalists)

February 2018

Naturalists claim that (organic) molecules have a spontaneous self-organizing ability, whereby simple molecules join together to increasingly complex structures with an increasingly higher energy level. This pre-Victorian alchemist faith has long since been refuted by empirical science. Molecules have a spontaneously disintegrating capacity. Natural physical processes are decay processes. In order to run processes in the opposite direction, factories are needed.


Not robust

Evolution is not a robust scientific concept

Handout of presentation for Logos Institute Conference

October 2017

There are 3 fundamentally different types of change: variation, innovation and degeneration. Billions of variations cannot produce innovations.


Closed systems

Does the second law of Thermodynamics only hold for closed systems?

On second Earth (identical to out Earth, except the presence of living organisms), the entropy increases

May 2017

A common defense against criticism that the theory of evolution contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics is to object that the second law only holds for closed (= 'isolated') systems; not for open systems, as the earth. This assertion is false. The second law also holds for open systems, if the sum of the energy flows that pass their system boundary is zero. It can be proven that the earth, after removing living nature, is such an open system.



The conflict between Naturalism and Science

The return of the Alchemists

May 2016

In his latest, provoking book on faith and science, philosopher Alvin Plantinga argues that no profound conflicts exists between the Christian faith and science, but indeed between Naturalism and science. Who embraces Naturalism can no longer rely on science, according to Plantinga. The conflict is real and deep, because Naturalists and Darwinists reintroduce an Alchemistic view on matter that has been refuted more than two centuries ago by empirical science.



Ten misconceptions about how the DNA changes

Can mutations produce mutation protection?

October 2015

In 2015, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded for the discovery of the mechanisms for mutation protection and repair that are present in every cell. Because of this, in the media and on internet fora (e.g. a discussion has arisen on the question "Can mutations produce mutation protection?" anIn these discussions, many misconceptions on how the DNA changes become evident.



Limitations to Evolution

Research at the interface of Change Theory and (Evolutionary) Biology

August 2015

Unrepairable mutations cause cancer and hereditairy diseases, and severe selective disadvantage, in stead of continuous improvement and expansion of the DNA



The Evolutionary Dynamics of Digital and Nucleotide Codes

Publication in the peer reviewed Open Evolution Journal

February 2011

Digital codes (computer programs) and nucleotide codes (DNA) are both protected against mutations. This protection must be switched off or at least dysfunction, to expand nucleotide codes with new functionalities. Dysfunctioning mutation protection, however, is the origin of cancer and hereditary diseases, which reduce the capacity to live and to reproduce.


YouTube Video

Contradiction in Evolutionary theory

You Tube Video presentation

February 2011

Growth of the length of nucleotide codes through the accumulation of irreparable, advantageous, code expanding, inheritable mutations – as proposed by evolutionary theory – requires the mutation protection to be switched off or at least to dysfunction. This will cause cancer and hereditary diseases, and severe selective disadvantage.
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Software Enigineering

The application of artificial evolution in software engineering

Research Paper

November 2010

Review of a project of software-development companies to reduce the cost of software engineering by artificial evolution.


Creation and Evolution

Creation and evolution: the scientific state of affairs

In Christian circles, frequently the (hopeful) question is asked whether the natural sciences can provide arguments that support the creationist model

September 2014

Evolution exists. Living nature constantly adapts to changing conditions through the regulation of genes (‘gene-regulation ') and by recombination and selection of gene variants (‘alleles’). But these mechanisms for change of the DNA neither produce new alleles, nor increase the length of the DNA, and work within the boundaries of the mutation protection of the DNA.



Summary criticism Evoskepsis

Contribution to the Darwin year 2009.

February 2009

Only in mythical stories, molecules possess an intrinsic desire to clot into ever more complex substances, into organic soup, RNA, DNA, a primitive gene, cells, an ever more complex organisms. In the real world, the natural course of events is exactly the opposite.



Darwin and the return of the alchemists

Contribution to the Darwin year 2009

February 2009

The aim of science is to reveal truth. Thereto science puts questions like: Is the earth flat or round? Does the sun spin around the earth or does the earth spin around the sun? What are random processes capable of? What is the natural course of events?



Problems in Evolutionary Theory

Flyer (folded A4)

September 2007

A scientific investigation of the contradiction of the theory of evolution with everyday experience and empirical science to stimulatethe debate in the scientific community over the tenability of the theory of evolution.



The Theory of Evolution in the Perspective of Thermodynamics and Everyday Experience

Scientific Paper.

May 2006

In homes, offices, factories and laboratories, chaos never turns into order on its own and proceeds to maintain and expand itself, although the theory of evolution suggests this would be a normal and natural event. Instead, any order turns into disorder sooner or later, as predicted by the second law of thermodynamics. Everyday experience and empirical science seem to contradict the theory of evolution.



Conclusions of ISCID-discussion of the paper ‘The theory of Evolution in the perspective of Thermodynamics

Conclusions of ISCID-discussion of the paper ‘The theory of Evolution in the perspective of Thermodynamics

May 2007

In the domain of religion, any guess, fantasy or belief on the origin of living nature is allowed. In the domain of science, however, we need a falsifiable (and therefore somehow testable) hypothesis that does not contradict empirical evidence and empirical science