1. The theory of evolution is a scientific theory and must therefore stay open for scientific debate, articulation and falsification.
  2. If scientific debate and criticism over the evolution theory are avoided, the theory loses its scientific qualification and should be considered as a mythical story belonging to the domain of religion.
  3. The avoidance of the debate over the empirical foundation of the ‘innovation motor’ of the theory of evolution and the scientific tenability of its current formulation in which variation and innovation are confused, corrupts the integrity and credibility of science as an open and testable domain of knowledge and theories, and hinders the progress of science.
  4. If on scientific grounds current evolutionary theory would be reduced to a theory that describes the continual adaptation of living nature by variation and selection, science would no longer dispose of a theory explaining the origin of life. This would not be a severe problem. "We do not have a testable theory (yet) explaining the emergence of the living nature" is a very respectable scientific position.